Coffee Hour with Tom DeCicco - Gott Love and their story

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Gott Love and their full-time travel story

Coffee Hour with Tom DeCicco Podcast

This was our 2nd podcast feature for us together representing Gott Love. We did the podcast in Broadalbin, New York during our 6-month US road trip.



About Tom DeCicco:

Tom DeCicco is an online influencer producing content mainly for YouTube, Instagram, and Podcasting. He can also be found on Twitter. He's an entrepreneur at heart with a love for social media. He also does Photography and Video Freelance work occasionally. You can check out his Website for more!


The Podcast Episode: Gott Love and their story

We share our story of how Gott Love came to be the traveling couple we are today and how we've built our platforms on social media. We talk about our plans for the future and you can get to know us!


Enjoy the Coffee Hour with Tom DeCicco podcast

Ft. Gott Love (Kyle Gott & Makenna Gott)



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