How do you have sex while traveling full time? - Cody Wanner Vlog #NoSmallCreator

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How do you have sex while traveling full time?

Cody Wanner Vlog #NoSmallCreator

During our 6-month US Road trip, we passed through Harrisburg Pensylvania and we met up with the infamous Cody Wanner and explored Hershey Park together. Collaborating with Cody Wanner was fun and spontaneous and we had a great time getting to know him and his wife Amber Wanner.


About Cody Wanner:

Cody Wanner is an entrepreneur and Vlogger from Harrisburg Pennsylvania who started vlogging at the beginning of 2018. Cody is passionate about encouraging the doers of the world. He is the creator of the #NoSmallCreator movement on social media. He's EXTREMELY active on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


The Vlog: The One Question we all REALLY have...

We were at Hershey Park for the day with Cody Wanner and he was doing a live-action Q&A with us while riding rides and walking around the park. By far the coolest Q&A we've ever shot. He asked us some simple questions and ended on the highest note you possibly could end on. He asked us how we have sex while traveling full time and living out of an SUV. 

Enjoy this Collaboration between us and Cody Wanner



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