Taking a Chance on Love - Detail Therapy Podcast with Amy Landino

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Taking a Chance on Love 

Detail Therapy Podcast with Amy Landino

This was our first podcast feature for us together representing Gott Love. We did the podcast in Columbus Ohio during our 6-month US road trip.

 Amy Landino Podcast Detail Therapy Ft. Gott Love (Kyle Gott & Makenna Gott)

About Amy Landino:

Amy Landino is the award-winning host of AmyTV, a YouTube series dedicated to helping women go after the life they want. With millions of views and more than 300,000 subscribers, she is a leading authority on getting digital attention. Amy is a professional speaker, traveling the world to teach businesses how they can get the attention they deserve online and she shares her insights on this in her best-selling book Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging. At Aftermarqthe video studio Amy co-founded with her partner Vincenzo Landino—she and her associates provide content strategy and digital video production for brands who want to grab the attention of those who matter to their mission, helping them grow to their maximum potential.


The Podcast Episode: Taking a Chance on Love

We share our story of how Gott Love came to be the traveling couple we are today and how we've built our platforms on social media. We talk about our plans for the future and Amy explains ways we can improve and better ourselves, our mission, and our impact on social media. Shout out to Amy Landino for having us on the podcast. If you are interested in her vlog where she featured us as well you can view the video here: DAILY MOTIVATION FOR THE NEW YEAR


We also shot a vlog the day we met Amy Landino.
You can view the video here: WE HAD A TALK


Enjoy the Amy Landino Detail Therapy Podcast

Ft. Gott Love (Kyle Gott & Makenna Gott)


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