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Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for taking your time to show interest in us! We truly appreciate it! We get asked quite often how you can support us on our journey, a lot of times people want to know if they can make a donation to us to help support our trip financially. Well, the good news is, there are a few ways you can help support our trip! Not all of them require financial giving either! 


The BEST ways to support us


This is where you can give monthly to Gott Love to help support our journey. You can donate as little as $1/month. We offer $1, $5, and $10/month tiers. But, you can donate any amount you wish monthly and it will be recurring which will help support Gott Love in the long term! Not only will you be supporting us, but we also give back! You will receive a $5 off coupon each month for our Gott Love store where you can save some money on purchases you make! This is by far the best way to give financially to support the Gott Love Journey. If you're interested in giving you can do so here: Gott Love Patreon


Watching our videos within an hour of being posted:

As you all may know, the YouTube algorithm is pretty picky and there are a ton of things they track and calculate to determine whether a video is good or not. One of the biggest indicators is the viewership in the first hour of the video. The more people who watch a video in the first hour the more YouTube knows it's an important video. By watching our video and commenting in the first hour you'll be helping out Gott Love in a major way!


Sharing our videos:

You may not realize how much sharing our videos help us grow and reach new people, but it really does matter! When you share a video make sure that you are telling others why you are sharing it. Simply posting a video doesn't help people connect with it. If you enjoy a video and want to share it, make sure you explain to your friends or family on social media when you're posting it as to why they should care or why they would enjoy the video. This is more likely to get them to click on the video and join the Gott Love Community! You can share our videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform you use, just make sure you are explaining why you are sharing the video so it can grab others attention! By sharing our videos it also shows YouTube that the video is good and it's more likely to share that video within YouTube itself if it sees others sharing it on other social media platforms! 


Other good ways to help Gott Love

Hitting the notification bell

YouTube has changed a lot over the years. They no longer send videos out to everyone who is subscribed to you. They actually do things in waves now. So if you don't have the notification bell turned on for our channel, odds are sometimes when we post you won't see that we've posted unless you go directly to our page. In order to make sure you never miss a video turn on the notification bell and be one of the first people to comment as soon as the video goes live!

Liking videos

By liking a video it shows YouTube that the video is good and that you enjoyed it enough to leave positive feedback! The quicker you hit the thumbs up button the more YouTube realizes our video is worth sharing with others!

Commenting on our videos

Commenting is a huge way to show YouTube that the content is good! It means our video was good enough that you wanted to take time out of your day to interact with us or leave feedback. If you enjoy something in our videos, tell us! We love hearing from you guys! Also, if you have questions feel free to comment on them. We will get back to you as soon as we can! 

Watching videos back to back

YouTube can see how many videos people watch on average when they are logged in. By watching Gott Love one after another it shows YouTube that our content is great for watching continuously which will share it inside YouTube with more people!


Way to support us off YouTube

Follow us on our social media:

This is a great way to keep up with us daily outside of our vlogs which are usually around 5 days delayed. Just search for us on the following platforms; Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @GottLove @GottLoveYouTube @KyleGottYouTube and @MakennaGott

Tell your friends and family about Gott Love:

Telling your friends and family is the quickest and easiest way to grow the Gott Love Community! Your friends and family care about what you like and also trust you. By sharing what's important to you, they may just enjoy Gott Love as much as you do! 



Thank you so much for the support over the last 4 years we've been growing this community! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!! There is a long bright future ahead and wea re so excited to have you all along for the journey! Thank you so much for everything! We truly appreciate everything you guys do!


- Kyle & Makenna Gott <3

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  • Kyle Hoover on

    Do you all need a place to stay while traveling in Virginia? Me and my wife are outside Richmond, VA and both in the Air Force

  • Karlee on

    Hey guys!!

    Can’t wait to see all of your videos and blogs from this trip! I am happy for you guys and excited to see where Gott Love travels to!

    Congratulations Kyle, on getting out of the military and pursuing your dream!
    We are in Oklahoma at Tinker AFB. We would love to meet you guys, so we may just have to make a trip down to Dallas when y’all are there!

    Good luck and God Bless!!

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