Young Married Couple plans 6 month US road trip (25+ States)

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Hey there! We are Kyle and Makenna Gott. We got married in 2014 and have lived in Okinawa, Japan, and Las Vegas, Nevada together since I (Kyle) was in the Military. We've also traveled to Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sweden in the last 4 years as well. We LOVE traveling and we are finally taking that leap of faith to pursue our dreams full time. 

A little backstory. I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Never really traveled much growing up. I even went to Kirkwood Community College in my hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I actually planned on dropping out of college in 2010 to travel the US for a year with 2 friends. I spent months planning out the route I wanted to take, brainstorming how we could fund it, and planning what vehicle we would take. I settled on buying a short bus and gutting it to add mattresses to sleep on. Here is the map I had created and had as my desktop background in 2010.

Gott Love Travel map 2010 Travel blog plans

Unfortunately, my 2 friends both bailed on the idea because of the uncertainty of how we would make it actually work. So when it was only me left who wanted to get out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and travel I decided to join the Air Force. the process took way longer than expected. I ended up leaving for Basic Training in January of 2013. Makenna and I started talking in that summer thanks to YouKyle and Makenna Gott Wedding Photo Shoot Las Vegas WeddingTube. If you want to know our whole story (it's absolutely crazy) you can view it here. Long story short, we started a Long Distance Relationship and then got married! Makenna grew up in southern Ohio in the tristate area of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. She had never really traveled much either. Once we started living together we both were excited to travel and see as much as we could every weekend. We took it as a challenge to see as much as we could while living in Japan. We started daily vlogging on YouTube in 2016 so from January 1, 2016 to the end of July in 2016 we posted a video of our everyday life living in Japan. It was awesome! In 2016 that's when we moved to Las Vegas because the military moved us here. 


This leads us to now, yes I know I skipped A LOT of information if you're new. But If I were to explain everything here it could literally take forever! I highly recommend you watch our YouTube channel Gott Love if you want to learn more about our story. We knew when my Air Force enlistment ended at the end of 2018 that I wasn't going to reenlist and we knew we wanted to travel. When trying to plan long-term trips... You don't realize how many places there are to travel in the world, let alone the United States! It's a bit overwhelming. We were going between backpacking Southeast Asia or Road Tripping the United States. Since we've both missed holidays with our families for the last 6 years (Makenna for 4) we decided road tripping the US would be best so we can spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families while still enjoying a road trip. Even though we are trying to road trip to the North East during the winter. But hey! We want to watch the ball drop in New York while we are still young and can handle the chaos! This trip that we settled on is nearly identical to the trip I planned in 2010 but it wasn't done intentionally. After I had planned this trip it clicked that I had seen this same trip before. Here is a look at the places we are "planning" to visit over the next 6 months on our road trip craziness permitting. 

6 month US road trip Gott Love road tripping the United States October-December6 month US road trip Gott Love road tripping the United States January-February6 month US road trip Gott Love road tripping the United States March-April

If you want the chance to meet us while we are on our road trip we have a meetup mailing list that we would love to have you sign up for so we can reach out when we are in your area. You can sign up here. We look forward to showing what there is to do in every city. A big part of this road trip is to show people that no matter what city you live in, there are always a ton of things to do and new experiences to be had. If you could do us a favor and share this blog post or our YouTube channel trailer with your friends and family it would mean the world to us! Thank you!


Peace Out, GoLoCo!

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  • Justin Davis on

    Kyle I was in the Army for ten years. All but the last two of them. For eight years I was stationed in Germany. Did a lot of traveling across Europe. Did two deployments in Iraq where I got shot in the neck it almost killed me. So stayed at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C for almost two years. I live in Haughton Louisiana with my beautiful wife. Wold really like to visit with you and Makenna. I wold like to know how you too deal with depression more. So if yall ever want to visit Shreveport, Louisiana I would like to do a meet up at our house in Haughton.

  • Maria de Fatima Pais on

    Hi, Kyle and Makenna !I reckon you are already in Cedar Rapids. Would like to wish you two and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.Be blessed, be safe!
    Yours always
    Maria (Portugal)

  • Lizzie Delong on

    Oh Kyle when you are you be have fun your read tirp when you what to meet me sometime soon

  • Lizzie Delong on

    Hi Kyle This is lizzie I am need to ask you when you free time to get touch should us meet you I am ask meet you april

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